Sponsored by ReFAATO/ Emergency Operation Development Project (EODP)and In cooperation with the University of Kirkuk and the Directorate of Education of Kirkuk, a workshop was conducted to monitor the manifestations of violence and mechanisms to deal with it in schools after ISIS period at Al-Hawija District /Kirkuk Governorate,  participated by the schools directors for the period from 9-10/4/2019. During the two days of the workshop the expertise, knowledge and information were exchanged. At the end of the workshop, the head of the University of Kirkuk, Dr. Abbas Hassan Taqi, distributed the certificates of appreciation to the participants of the faculty staff of the university. as well as,  The Assistant Director of Education of Kirkuk distributed the certificates of appreciation to 20 participants from the school Directors in Hawija. The participants thanked the Reconstruction Fund (REFAATO) for the interesting attention to human building and human development through the activities at the affected Governorates