The Nineveh International Marathon

The Reconstruction Fund (Refaato)- Emergency Operation for Development Projects in Iraq(EODP) contributed to the Nineveh Marathon. The marathon, which was launched at the University of Mosul, witnessed the presence and participation of different age groups for males and females. It was a message to the world that Mosul was recovering from the effects of a premeditated sabotage of infrastructure.

The Reconstruction Fund with the support of the Emergency Operation for Development Projects in Iraq , Ending the Rural Women Empowerment Workshop in Al-Dhulouiya District

With the participation of 16 trainees, the training course ended with the establishment of an exhibition of handicrafts which was completed by the trainees during the training period. The exhibition was opened in the presence of more than 300 women from different age groups. The women have expressed their need for such courses that support the rural family economy and enable the woman to earn additional income for her family.

A memorandum of understanding Framework Signed between Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the Reconstruction Fund of Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations

A memorandum of understanding Framework was signed today in Kuwait between Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and the Reconstruction Fund of Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations in Iraq to manage the grant of the Government of Kuwait to support the health sector in the areas affected by terrorist operations in the Republic of Iraq which valued 100 million US dollars 30.6 million KD.

The memorandum of understanding Framework was signed, on behalf of the Reconstruction Fund of Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations by HE Dr. Mustafa Mohamed Amin Al-Hiti, President of the Fund, while on behalf of the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, Mr. Ghanim Sulaiman Al-Ghunaiman, Deputy Director General.

The grant aims to contribute in the rehabilitation and construction of health sector facilities in the areas affected by terrorist operations in the Republic of Iraq to support the health care of the residents of these areas and to provide the conditions for the return of displaced persons, including an urgent program to support the sector, In addition to the studies required in preparation for the donors conference to contribute in the reconstruction of the affected areas in Iraq that will be held in Kuwait.

The Government of Kuwait has already provided three grants with a total value of about 200 million US dollars, about 57 million KD for education and health reconstruction, entrusted to the Kuwait Fund to manage it. The Fund also provided the Republic of Iraq with two loans in the electricity and industrial sectors, totaling about 21 million US dollars, about 6 million KD.

Consulting Services

Consulting Services

(Energy, water & sanitation, transport, health, education)

Deadline: 19 June, 2017

12:00 pm, noon, (MEST)


Country: Iraq

Ref.-N°: BMZ – ID.: 2099 18 541


Ref.: International, open Tender for the “Iraqi-German Credit Facility to Assist the Return of IDPs” -Programme

Tenderer: Reconstruction Fund for Areas Affected by Terroristic Operations (ReFAATO)

Project Measures: The Programme seeks to facilitate the permanent return of Internally Displaced Persons to their respective home locations in Iraq in areas liberated from terrorist control through the restoration and modernization of local economic and social infrastructure in the energy, water/sanitation, roads/bridges, education and health sectors.

Requested Services: The requested consultancy services of the Programme Management Consultant under this tender shall provide:

  1. coordination support at central-level to ReFAATO as the main coordinating entity of the Programme and its role as Programme Executing Agency. This support will focus on assisting ReFAATO in operationalising the programme design, assessment of potential investment activities, consensus building among the main programme stakeholders, cooperation with other relevant recovery support initiatives, social and environmental safeguard management and monitoring, development of a risk management strategy as well as overall programme monitoring and reporting; and
  2. programme implementation support to Project Management Teams (PMT) on both the Governorate and line ministries level in their role as Programme Implementation Agencies. The support to be provided will focus on reinforcing project management and coordination structures of the partner agencies and relevant project management teams through professional training and/or the secondment of experts. Primary support areas will cover project identification and assessment, procurement and contract management, design review, supervision and project control, financial management, monitoring and reporting; and coordination support.

The prequalification of experienced Consultants is subject to the regulations contained in the „Guidelines for Assignment of Consultants in Financial Co-operation Projects“ (see The contract will be awarded to an independent Consultant firm with proven experience in the related sectors and the region and a minimum annual turnover of EUR 15.0 million. For further information please contact the Tender Agent Mr. Georg Fiebig:

The Fund delivered the medical and pharmaceutical materials to Sinjar City

Sponsored by the Reconstruction Fund of the Affected Areas by Terroristic Operations and in cooperation with the volunteer Campaign (Doaa and Wafa) led by Dr. (Ferial Fouad), with a group of the Fund’s staff on Thursday morning, 03/09/2017 transfer truck loaded with the needs of medical and pharmaceutical materials of the displaced families in (Sinjar), and supervised by Dr. Mostafa Mohammad Amin al-Hiti, President of the Fund on the transfer process and praised the humanitarian situation done by the campaign (Doaa and Wafa) and the effort by Dr. (Ferial Fouad) and those who provided assistance to the displaced people, wishing them the best and success serving our beloved country.


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